BEGLA-137 Language through Literature Solved Question Paper JUNE 2022


BEGLA-137 Language through Literature
Solved Question Paper JUNE 2022

Course Code: BEGLA-137
Solved Term-End Examination June,2022


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BEGLA-137 Language through Literature Solved Question Paper JUNE 2022

Language through Literature
Course Code: BEGLA-137


Title NameBEGLA-137 Solved Question Paper JUNE 2022
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearJUNE 2022
Course CodeBEGLA-137
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

Term-End Examination
June, 2022
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Note : Answer all questions.
1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 5*2=10
Filling up a bronze water-pot, a bucket and a watering can by turns, my grandmother transported water from a tap at the backyard impartially to all her plants, and finally through a brass syringe shot into the air a grand column of water which would descend like a gift from the heavens on the whole garden, dampening down the mud and stirring up an earthy smell (which tempted one to taste the mud), the foliage glittering in the Sun like finely cut diamonds as water dripped off their edges. The peacock busily kept pace with us as we moved up and down bearing the water-pots. When a shower of water descended, the peacock fanned out its tail, parading its colour.
(a) Suggest an appropriate title to the passage.
(b) Give two examples of personification as used in the passage.
(c) Suggest a parallel word for ‘transported’. What kind of transportation has taken place ?
(d) What is the meaning of ‘heavens’ in the passage ?
(e) In what sense are the words ‘stirring’ and ‘parading’ used in the passage ?
2. Add prefixes to the following words to make opposites : 5
appropriate, regard, place, relevant, entity
3. Complete the following sentences using appropriate conjunctions : 5
(a) He fled ________ he was afraid.
(b) We will miss the train ________ we hurry.
(c) I cannot give you any money, ________ I have none.
(d) I did not go ________, she did not invite me.
(e) Jupiter is bigger ________ Mars.
4. Define any two of the following literacy devices, with suitable examples : 2*5=10
Metonymy, Understatement, Paradox, Irony
5. Write short notes on any two of the following, with suitable examples. 2*5=10
Literal vs. Metaphorical Meaning, Rhetoric, Alliteration, Pun
6. Correct the following sentences : 5*2=10
(a) One of my friend visited my home yesterday.
(b) The height of Ram is more than Shyam.
(c) He has been working in this office since twenty years.
(d) He do not have a laptop.
(e) He did not wrote the test last week.
7. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : 10*1=10
(a) He has returned ________ his home town.
(b) The plane landed ________ the runway.
(c) The kids climbed ________ the tree without any help.
(d) Rohan and Asha moved the table ________ the dining room.
(e) She was relieved ________ the pain after taking the medicine.
(f) In the forest, the bat flew low ________ their heads.
(g) He will have finished his work ________ Friday.
(h) My friend has been living in Canada ________ two years.
(i) There is no point in walking alone in the streets ________ night.
(j) He has been waiting for you ________ seven o’clock.
8. (a) Identify and explain the figures of speech in the following sentences : 5*2=10
(i) She is all nations and world to me.
(ii) Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.
(iii) The suitcase weighs a ton.
(iv) I asked him not to open the Pandora’s box of his complaints.
(v) My sister and I had a friendly fight over the ice-cream.
(b) Fill in the blanks with correct forms of words given in the brackets : 5*1=5
(i) He ________ (fall) asleep while he was studying.
(ii) The coffee is being ________ (prepare).
(iii) She is ________ (gift) a mobile phone to her brother on his birthday.
(iv) Mohan ________ (wash) the floor on weekends.
(v) His watch was ________ (break) in a street fight.
9. Make sentences with the following phrasal verbs : 5*2=10
fall apart, get away, hang in, make up, work out
10. (a) Add suffixes to make adjective forms : 5*1=5
delight, care, child, culture, method
(b) Use the following words in sentences as directed : 5*2=10
(i) Empty (verb)
(ii) Press (verb)
(iii) Harvest (verb)
(iv) Harm (adjective)
(v) Defend (adjective)


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