MMPM-005 Marketing of Services Solved Question Paper June 2023

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MMPM-005 Marketing of Services
Solved Question Paper June 2023
Marketing of Services
Course Code: MMPM-005

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MMPM-005 Marketing of Services Solved Question Paper June 2023

Marketing of Services
Course Code: MMPM-005

Title NameMMPM-005 Solved Question Paper June 2023
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearJune 2023
Course CodeMMPM-005
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

1. Why do consumers of services perceive higher
levels of risk associated with their purchases ?
Discuss with the help of examples. 20
2. (a) What are basic differences between pricing
of goods and services ? 10
(b) Does characteristics of services influence
their pricing ? Discuss, taking each
characteristic, one by one. 10
[ 2 ] MMPM-005
3. Why do consumers switch service providers ?
What can you do as a marketer to prevent the
customers from switching ? Explain by taking
an example. 20
4. Write short notes on any two of the following :
(a) Cycle of failure
(b) Quasi retailing
(c) Customer relationship management
(d) Five dimensions of service quality
5. The ultimate goal of service marketing is to
drive customer from awareness to advocacy. In
general, there are three main sources of
influence marketers can use to do so. A
customer’s decision are usually influenced by a
combination of their own influence, others’
influence, and outer influence. The outer
influence comes from external sources. It is
purposely initiated by brands through
advertising and other marketing. It may also
come from other customer interfaces such as
sales force and customer service staff.
Similarly, others’ influence also comes from the
external environment. Typically, it comes from
a close circle of friends and family as word of
[ 3 ]
mouth. Others’ influence can also come from a
broader but independent community to which
customers belong. Among many segments, the
youth, women, and netizens (YWN) are the
most influential. Despite a brand’s effort, it is
essentially difficult to manage and control the
outcome of others’ influence. The only way for a
brand to do so is through community
marketing. Companies cannot directly control
the conversation within the community, but
they may facilitate discussion with the help of
loyal customers. On the other hand, own
influence comes from within oneself. It is a
result of past experience and interaction with
several brands, personal judgment and
evaluation of the brands, and finally individual
preference toward the chosen brand(s).
(a) Why are social media such as YouTube,
and blogs so important in the marketing of
services ? 20
(b) What are some of the challenges in service
communications and how do you overcome
them ? 20


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