BEGS-186 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Solved Question Paper June 2023


Solved Question Paper June 2023
Course Code: BEGS-186


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BEGS-186 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Solved Question Paper June 2023

Course Code: BEGS-186

Title NameBEGS-186 Solved Question Paper June 2023
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearJune 2023
Course CodeBEGS-186
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

1. Read the following passage carefully and
answer the questions given below it :
It is rare to find someone with good technical
and communication skills. You can get far
ahead of your colleagues if you combine the two
early in your career. People will judge,
evaluate, promote or block you based on your
communication skills. Since habits form by
repeating both good and bad forms of
communication, learn to observe great
[ 2 ] BEGS-186
communicators and adapt their styles and
traits in written and verbal forms. The art of
listening and learning from each interaction is
another secret recipe. Develop the subconscious habit of listening to yourself as you
speak and know when to pause.
Learning what not to say is probably more
important than learning what to say. As your
career develops, you will realise that the wise
speak less. Speak when you have value to add,
else refrain. Poorly constructed e-mails with
grammatical errors are acceptable between
friends but they should be seriously avoided
while communicating formally with seniors.
Avoid any communication in an emotional state
when you might say things you will regret
later. One unnecessary word uttered at the
wrong time or place can ruin a relationship,
career or even your life such is the power of
[ 3 ] BEGS-186
P. T. O.
words. If such a thing happens, you should
apologise immediately, else it may haunt you
for life.
Another problem to overcome is speaking too
fast since our minds are working faster than
our speech, We are always inclined to speak
This does not necessarily mean that the person
hearing it will get it any faster. On the
contrary, it is always the reverse. So, slow
down, think before you speak. “When I get
ready to speak to people,” Abraham Lincoln
“I spend two thirds of the time thinking what
they want to hear and one third thinking what
I want to say.” Add humour as it is also
essential. But realise that not all jokes are
funny and observe certain boundaries. Never
[ 4 ] BEGS-186
say anything that could off end. Remember you
are not a comedian who must offend as many
people as you can to be witty.
(A) (i) Why is it necessary to have good
communication skills ? 2
(ii) How can communication skills be
developed ? 2
(iii) What according to the writer should be
avoided while communicating ? 2
(iv) Why do you think you should be
careful when you tend to be
humourous ? 2
(v) Why is the art of listening in
communication important ? 2
(B) Pick out words from the passage which
mean the same as the following : 1×6=6
(i) Estimate
(ii) Quality
(iii) Speak
[ 5 ] BEGS-186
P. T. O.
(iv) Trouble
(v) Essentially
(vi) Spoken
(C) What did you learn from the above
passage ? Elaborate your views on it. 4
2. Write short notes on any two of the following.
Give examples : 2×10=20
(i) Importance of body language
(ii) Characteristics of effective communication
(iii) What is internal communication ?
(iv) Communication as a key concept in the
corporate and global world.
3. (a) Fill in the blanks with the correct tense of
verbs in the brackets : 10
Business communication is the
communication that ………. (deal) with the
promotion of a product. In this sense, a
product may be anything a company or an
[ 6 ] BEGS-186
organization ……………. (produce) including
its services. It may also ……………..
(include) the organisation itself.
Business communication therefore ……….
(mean) the passing of information from one
end of a supply chain to another. This
………….. (display) that communication can
also be between the consumer and
producer. This work …………. (review) the
role, effects and trends of business
communication in a business environment.
Employers and workers are …………..
(know) to benefit from top-notch
communication skills. Effective
communication skills ………. (bring) about
good rapport by establishing familiarity.
The establishment of familiarity (develop)
trust with clients and not …………… (forget)
the rivals.
[ 7 ] BEGS-186
P. T. O.
(b) Here are the answers to some questions. 5
Frame the questions using Wh-words :
When ………………
I secured the admission in 2010.
How ………………
I secured 90% marks in High School.
Where ……………
My college is in Southern part of the city.
My classes will commence from next
How …………..
I take the metro to reach the college.
(c) Complete the sentences with the correct
comparative or superlative form of the
adjectives in brackets : 5
India is the second …………… (large)
country according to population.
[ 8 ] BEGS-186
Telephone is the (quick) way to
communicate these days.
The nights are ………….. (cool) than the
days during winters.
The armchair is …………. (comfortable) than
the old one.
The restaurant is ………… (busy) during the
lunch hour.
4. You have been appointed as an intern at
Google. Write an e-mail to your friend
informing about your experience : 20
–describing new workplace.
–challenges that you face there.
–explain your duties and job profile.
5. Write a dialogue between two friends
discussing peer pressure at their college/hostel.


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