BEGLA-136 ENGLISH AT THE WORKPLACE Solved Assignment 2023-2024


Solved Assignment 2023-2024
Programme: BAG/2023-2024
Course Code: BEGLA 136
Max. Marks: 100


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BEGLA-136 ENGLISH AT THE WORKPLACE Solved Assignment 2023-2024

Programme: BAG/2023-2024
Course Code: BEGLA 136
Max. Marks: 100

Title NameBEGLA-136 Solved Assignment 2023-2024
Service TypeSolved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Semester2023-2024 Course: B.A. CBCS (MIL Courses)
SessionValid from 1st July, 2023 to 30th June, 2024
Short NameBEGLA-136
Assignment CodeBAG/2023-2024
ProductAssignment of BAG 2023-2024 (IGNOU)
Submission DateThose students who are appearing in December Term End Examination they have to submit latest by in 15 October.
Those students who are appearing in June exams. They should download the new assignment and submit the same  latest by 15 March
PriceRS. 50

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below in complete sentences:
The thought of public speaking fills many people with fear and anxiety. One way to
overcome this is by making sure that you are familiar with your subject and content.
In the case of presentations, Power Point plays an important role in guiding you
through the content of your presentation with the help of headlines and graphics.
When you move to a new slide, the headline prompts you about that to say next. This
also helps the audience to understand what you want to convey.
Power Point also offers you the advantage of illustrating your headlines with the help
of graphics like bar diagrams, pie charts, graphs, tables, pictograms etc. while these
visuals help you to cope with more complex information of data, statistics and trends,
they also enable the audience to comprehend intricate information on performance,
comparisons, predictions more easily. In other words, they help you to gain the
focused attention of your audience and alleviate your fear and anxiety.
However, a few precautions are necessary. Never fill up your slides with too many
graphic elements and animation effects. These can become a source of distraction. It
is best to choose simple designs.
The key thing here is preparation. Plan the outline of your presentation carefully so
that it is well structured. Make sure that all your headings and subheadings are up on
the slides and adequately and appropriately illustrated. Go through your slides several
times so that you are absolutely familiar with them. You will generate a deep
confidence that dispels anxiety and fear and helps you to enjoy your own presentation.
1. What problem do many presenters face? What solution does the speaker offer?
2. How does Power Point help you in dealing with the content of your
3. Give a suitable title to the passage.
2. Use the following words in sentences of your own:
1. Persuasive
2. Visionary
3. Icon
4. Philanthropic
5. Revenue
3. Rewrite/fill in the following sentences as directed:
1. Yahoo and Rediffmail are_____________________.
2. He said, “ I had already left” (Change into Indirect speech ).
3. Her party was ______________ (Use a Preposition)
4. _________you like some help? (Use a Modal)
5. Not ____word was said.(Use an article)
4. Write short notes of about 150 words each on the following topics:
1. Common trends in E-communication.
2. Difference between a portfolio and a resume.
3. Work Ethics
4. Importance of good customer service.
5. Behavioral requirements for a discussion.
1. You are interested in applying for the position of a manager in a marketing firm.
Write an application for this position, showing how you are suitable for thisjob.
2. Prepare a short CV (Curriculum Vitae) clearly mentioning your career history, skills,
achievements and other relevant details.
1. Write an outline of a presentation on the following topic:
“Gender Sensitization at the Workplace”
2. You are planning to appear for an interview for the position of a Research Officer in a
reputed institution. Write ten questions you expect to be asked and your
responses/answers to these questions.

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