BEGLA-135 English in Daily Life in English Solved Assignment 2019-2020

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BEGLA-135 English in Daily Life
Solved Assignment 2019-2020
Programme: BAG/2019-20
Course Code: BEGLA-135
Answer all questions Max. Marks: 100

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BEGLA-135 English in Daily Life

Solved Assignment 2019-2020

Programme: BAG/2019-20
Course Code: BEGLA-135
Answer all questions Max. Marks: 100

Title Name BEGLA-135 English Solved Assignment 2019-20
University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BAG(English)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: BA(English)
Session 2019-20
Short Name BEGLA-135 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code BAG/2019-20
Product Assignment of BAG(English) 2019-2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For the students enrolled in July 2019- 30th April 2020
For the students enrolled in January 2020- 31st October 2020
Price RS. 100

Section A
1 Read the following passage and answer the questions.
The New Year is a time for resolutions. Mentally, at least most of us could compile
formidable lists of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for the year. The same old favorites recur year in
year out with monotonous regularity. We resolve to get up earlier each morning, eat
less, find more time to play with the children, do a thousand and one jobs about the
house, be nice to people we don’t like, drive carefully, and take the dog for a walk
every day. Past experience has taught us that certain accomplishments are beyond
attainment. If we remain deep-rooted liars, it is only because we have so often
experienced the frustration that results from failure.
Most of us fail in our efforts at self-improvement because our schemes are too
ambitious and we never have time to carry them out. We also make the fundamental
error of announcing our resolutions to everybody so that we look even more foolish
when we slip back into our bad old ways. Aware of these pitfalls, this year I attempted
to keep my resolutions to myself. I limited myself to two modest ambitions; to do
physical exercise every morning and to read more every evening. An all-night party
on New Year’s Eve provided me with a good excuse for not carrying out either of
these new resolutions on the first day of the year, but on the second, I applied myself
assiduously to the task.
The daily exercise lasted only eleven minutes and I proposed to do them early in the
morning before anyone had got up. The self-discipline required to drag myself out of
bed eleven minutes earlier than usual was considerable. Nevertheless, I managed to
creep down into the living-room for two days before anyone found me out. After
jumping about on the carpet and twisting the human frame into uncomfortable
positions, I sat down at the breakfast table in an exhausted condition. It was this that
betrayed me. The next morning the whole family trooped in to watch the
performance. That was really unsettling but I fended off the taunts and jibes of the
family good humouredly and soon everybody got used to the idea. However, my
enthusiasm waned, the time I spent at exercises gradually diminished. Little by little
the eleven minutes fell to zero. By January 10th I was back to where I had started
from. I argued that if I spent less time exhausting myself at exercises in the morning I
would keep my mind fresh for reading when I got home from work. Resisting the
hypnotizing effect of television, I sat in my room for a few evenings with my eyes
glued to a book. One night however, feeling cold and lonely, I went downstairs and
sat in front of the television pretending to read. That proved to be my undoing, for I
soon got back to the old bad habit of dozing off in front of the screen. I still haven’t
given up my resolution to do more reading, In fact, I have just bought a book entitled
‘How to Read a Thousand Words a Minute.’ Perhaps it will solve my problem, but I
just haven’t had time to read it.
1a) According to the writer, what have past experiences of New Year resolutions taught
us? 2
1b) Why, according to the writer, do most of us fail in our efforts for self-improvement?
1c) Why did the writer not carry out his resolutions on New Year’s day? 2
1d) The writer eventually failed to implement his New Year’s Resolutions because:
a) his family disturbed him.
b) his resolutions were too ambitious
c) he was looking for some convincing excuse to forget them.
1e) Give a suitable little to the passage. 1
1f) In a few lines write your own experience of New Year Resolutions. 2
2 Find words from the passage which convey a meaning similar to the following
words/phrases 10
(i) firm decisions (para 1)
(ii) put together (para 1)
(iii) overwhelming (para 1)
(iv) unchanging (para 1)
(v) stumbling-block (para 2)
(vi) restricted (para 2)
(vii) with great zeal (para 2)
(viii) very tired (para 3)
(ix) give me away (para 3)
(x) ward off (para 3)
Section B
1 Fill in the blanks with one of the past tenses: simple past, past continuous, present
perfect (continuous), or past perfect (continuous). In some cases, more than one
answer is possible. The first one is done for you. 10
A: What happened (happen) to your car?
B: I _____________(have) an accident yesterday.
A: How_____________(it/happen)?
C: I _____________(drive) to work when a dog__________(come) in front of my
car. I________(stop) my car suddenly, and the car behind me__________(hit) my
car because the driver_________(follow) me too closely.
A: _______________(you get) a ticket?
B: No, but the driver who hit me did.
A: Who will pay to have your car fixed?
B: The other driver. When he__________(hit) me, he ___________(get) out of his car
and gave me his insurance card.
2 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate clause. One is done for you as an example. 10
If I pass this course, I might take a computer course next semester.
(i) If I work hard, _________________________________________
(ii) If I save a lot of money, _________________________________
(iii) If I drink a lot of coffee tonight, ___________________________
(iv) If I eat a lot of sugar, ____________________________________
(v) If I don’t get enough sleep, _______________________________
(vi) __________, I would be fit.
(vii) __________, I would be better at my job.
(viii) __________, I would buy a big house for myself and my family.
(ix) __________, I shall be punished.
(x) __________, I will be scolded by my father.
3 More and more young people leading stressful lives are unable to cope with their
situations. Write a dialogue between a counselor and a stressed young person. You
must indicate what is causing the young person anxiety. Write in about 250 words.
Section C
1 Write a biographical sketch in about 250 words of a great social worker who impacted
society positively. Write about his/her contributions and the cause(s) that were
espoused. 20
2 There is an ancient historical monument in your area which is slowly crumbling and
needs to be revived. Write to your local leader suggesting ways in which this
monument may be saved. Also say why it is important to do so. Write in 250 words.

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