BEGE-104 English for Business Communication SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2018-2019

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English for Business Communication
Assignment Code: BDP/BEGE-104/TMA/2018-19
Programme Code: BDP
SOLVED ASSIGNMENT For July 2018 and January 2019 Sessions


English for Business Communication
Assignment Code: BDP/BEGE-104/TMA/2018-19
Programme Code: BDP
SOLVED ASSIGNMENT For July 2018 and January 2019 Sessions
Note: Answer all questions
1 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
At the Harvard Negotiation Project we have been developing a new method of
negotiation explicitly designed to produce good results efficiently and amicably. This
method, called principled negotiations or negotiations on the merits, can be boiled
down to four basic points.
The first point recognizes that human beings are not computers. People have strong
emotions, often see things very differently, and do not always communicate clearly.
In negotiation it often happens that emotions get mixed up with the objective rights
and wrongs of the situation. Taking up a fixed position makes this worse because
people’s personalities become identified with their positions. So before the actual
negotiation begins we need to distinguish between personal differences and
differences over solutions to the problem.
The second point distinguish between what people say they want, their stated
positions, and what they really want, their underlying interests. Negotiating positions
often hide what you really want. A compromise between two positions is not likely to
produce an agreement which satisfies the need underlying each position.
The third point acknowledges the problem of having to find a perfect solution while
you’re under pressure. Making up your mind in the presence of your opponent
restricts your ideas. Deciding on something very important or trying to find the
perfect answer limits creative thought. You can get around these limitations by
arranging a set amount of time to think up a wide range of possible solutions which
help both sides and creatively bring them together.
When both sides find that their interests are directly opposed, one negotiator may try
to win simply by being stubborn. However, you can respond to such tactics by
insisting that his/her opinion alone is not enough and that some fair independent
standard is needed. This does not mean that you yourself select the independent
standard, rather that both of you decide on one, such as market value expert opinion,
or law. By discussing such criteria neither side need give in to the other.
Briefly answer the following questions:
1a What situation is created when emotions intrude into the negotiation process? 2
1b People do not always state what they desire. What do they do instead? Discuss. 2
1c Negotiators need to have a fixed ‘time-alone’ period. Why? 2
1d Why does it often become necessary to consult a specialist in the process of
negotiation? Who should these people be? 2
1e Suggest an appropriate title to the passage. 2
1f State whether the following statements are true or false with reference to the passage.
i People’s emotions often complicate matters in life.
ii The writer believes that negotiation is creativity under pressure.
iii An example of the use of objective reference points is to consult a specialist.
iv People often win by not budging from their position.
v A negotiating position often makes it hard to identify real needs.
1g Make sentences of your own with the following phrases: 5
i get mixed up ii fixed position iii to think up
iv give in to v bring them together
2 Imagine that you work in a company’s public relations department. An American
company has written asking for some information about your company. Draft a short
letter briefly summarizing your company’s structure and the product(s) it deals with.
3 The “Adventure Club” in your college is planning to go on a trekking expedition to
Manali. As secretary of the club, prepare a notice for the college notice board giving
the necessary information in about 100 words. 10
4 Write short notes on any two of the following: 10
i Features of a business proposal
ii An effective group discussion
iii Guidelines for writing e-mails
iv Body language
5 You are about to complete your Bachelor’s degree and want to apply to several
universities for an appropriate job. Prepare a detailed CV and covering letter. 20
6 Complete the conversation with the correct forms of the verbs given. One is done for
you. 5
A: How did you end up studying (study) here?
B: My friend recommended this school, so I decided ………………. (sign up) for
this class. How about you?
A: Well, I wasn’t planning on ………………. (learn) English, but my company
offered ………………. (pay) for my classes. I agreed ………………. (come),
and here I am! I want to keep on ………………. (take) classes if I can.
7a Rewrite the sentences with the form of adjectives given in brackets without changing
their meaning. One is done for you: 5
i No residential building is as tall as the new Global tower in Mumbai. (change
to superlative.)
The tallest building in Mumbai is the new Global Tower.
ii Rekha is not as tall as Deepika. (change to comparative)
iii He is the most handsome man in the room.( change to positive)
iv This stream is not as clear as the one we left behind. (change to comparative)
v No college president has been as charismatic as Nandita Som. (change to
vi Of all the men he is the strongest. (change to positive)
7b Say the following sentences politely. You may use appropriate modals: 5
i I need to use your cellphone.
ii Lend me your pen.
iii I want to leave early today.
iv I want some more coffee.
v I am going to turn off the TV.
7c Complete the following sentences. 5
i If you do not sleep early, ………..
ii If you meet the Principal, …….
iii If it rains, ………….
iv If you leave now, ………….
v If you do not exercise, ……..
7d Read the introductory speech made by the Team Leader to the new recruits at the
BPO centre. Complete it with sentences given in the box. There are more sentences
in the box than required. 5
‘The Great Communications Call Centre’ welcomes all the newcomers on board.
Mind you I said ‘on board’ because the organization is a ship that ……………………
and secondly because the organization promises that …………………… while you
are here on duty. I would like to mention that …………………… . It is also expected
that …………………… . It is also suggested that…………………… . Then on it is
smooth sailing.
8 Complete these words or expressions, using the words below. 5
down, in, out, over, up, up
Example: Buyout purchase of a company by the management
i ……………..put contribution
ii ……………..load to transfer files from one computer to another
iii ……………..dated modernized, brought up to date
iv ……………..heads day to day costs of running a business
v wind …………….. to liquidate or close a company, or division
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