MMPM-007 Integrated Marketing Communication Solved Question Paper June 2023

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MMPM-007 Integrated Marketing Communication
Solved Question Paper June 2023
Integrated Marketing Communication
Course Code: MMPM-007

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MMPM-007 Integrated Marketing Communication Solved Question Paper June 2023

Integrated Marketing Communication
Course Code: MMPM-007

Title NameMMPM-007 Solved Question Paper June 2023
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearJune 2023
Course CodeMMPM-007
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

Section—A 60
1. (a) Explain the following terms :
(i) Integrated Marketing Communication
(ii) Advertising Campaign
(iii) Sales Promotion
(iv) Legal Issues
(b) Discuss the steps involved in integrated
marketing communication process with an
hypothetical example.
[ 2 ] MMPM-007
2. (a) What is Strategy ? Explain the strategic
decision-making process in promotion mix
with the help of a diagram.
(b) Distinguish publicity from public relations.
Explain the various types of public
relations that you are familiar with.
3. (a) What is consumer movement ? Highlight
the main features of consumer movement
and its implications on integrated
marketing communication.
(b) Elaborate the various steps that a sales
manager should consider while planning
for a sales promotion programme.
4. Write short notes on any three of the following :
(a) Disadvantages of Personal Selling
(b) Humor as an Advertising Appeal
(c) Rebates and its characteristics
(d) Owned media and its benefits
(e) Marketing Collateral and IMC
Section—B 40
5. Ather Energy, makers of one of the leading
electric scooter manufacturer in the country,
has recently upgraded its flagship electric
scooter with the third generation iteration,
dubbed the Ather Energy 450x Gen 3. The
[ 3 ] MMPM-007
P. T. O.
scooter offers a more powerful electric motor
that can produce an equivalent of 8.7 bhp of
power and an ARAI-certified riding range of
146 km.
Besides, Ather’s already well-engineered
scooter body is now even better-built thanks to
an all aluminium frame. It also gets a new
tread profile for the tyres, as well as a new tyre
pressure monitoring system accessory. The
digital dashboard has been upgraded with more
RAM to make operations smoother and easier.
All things considered, the Ather 450x Gen 3 is
arguably the best electric scooter that you can
buy in India. From ride quality to build and
overall experience, this is one of the most
premium electric scooters on Indian roads right
While it’s top-spec variant 450X with Pro pack
is targeted toward the youth, and is priced @ Rs
1.28 lakh ex-showroom Delhi (including state
government subsidies) and also depending on
the city of purchase). It will take on the likes of
the TVS iQube, Ola S1 and S1 Pro, Hero Vida
V1, Bajaj Chetak, etc.
Assuming that you are being retained by the
company as a marketing communication
consultant to assess and evaluate the prospects
[ 4 ] MMPM-007
for the new variant and offer your future course
of action specifically in the current competitive
scenario in this category.
Questions :
(i) Prepare a precise integrated marketing
communication programme for the new
(ii) Propose a suitable advertising campaign
for print medium by clearly specifying the
creative as well as strategic considerations
for the brand.
(iii) How would you measure the advertising
effectiveness of the above campaign ?


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