LSE-07 वर्गिकी और विकास in Hindi Solved Assignment 2019


Course Code: LSE-07
Assignment Code: LSE-07/TMA/2019
Max. Marks: 100

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Taxonomy and Evolution

Course Code: LSE-07
Assignment Code: LSE-07/TMA/2019
Max. Marks: 100

Title Name LSE-07 LIFE SCIENCES Solved Assignment 2018-19
University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language HINDI
Semester 2018-2019 Course: BSC (LIFE SCIENCES) LSE
Session 2018-19
Short Name LSE-07 (HINDI)
Assignment Code LSE-07/TMA/2019
Product Assignment of BSC (LIFE SCIENCES) 2018-2019 (IGNOU)
Submission Date Valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
Price RS. 60

1. a) Discuss why is it necessary to classify plants and animals.
b) Give the full form of: ICZN, 1UBS, ICBN, ICNCP.
2. a) Discuss why selection of taxonomic character is most important criteria for any
classification system.
b) Describe taxonomic hierarchy by giving proper example.
3. a) What do you mean by binomial nomenclature? List the principles of binomial
b) Describe the role of Botanic garden.
4. a) What were the main problems in having two kingdoms system of classification of living
organisms? Discuss how five kingdom system of classification was able to cope up with
main problems of two kingdom system of classification.
b) Describe with examples how morphological and anatomical, evidences can become a
tool for a taxonomist.
5. Write Short Notes on the following
(i) Type Specimens
(ii) Keys
(iii) Flora
(iv) Punch card
6. Compare between Darwinism and Lamarckism by giving examples. (10)
7. With the help of an example of host-parasite relationship explain the concept of Coevolution. (10)
8. Describe the mechanisms of speciation. (10)
9. Explain industrial melanism and genetic repatterning during isolation with examples. (10)
10. a) Discuss the trends in human evolution.
b) Describe two specific skills of Homo erectus that make the species stand apart from all
the predecessors.
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