BPCC-132 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY in English Solved Assignment 2021-2022


Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)
Course Code: BPCC 132
Assignment Code: Asst /TMA /2021-22
Total Marks: 100


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Solved Assignment 2021-2022

Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)
Course Code: BPCC 132
Assignment Code: Asst /TMA /2021-22
Total Marks: 100

Title NameBPCC-132 Psychology Solved Assignment 2021-2022
Service TypeSolved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language ENGLISH
Semester2021-2022 Course: BA(Psychology)
SessionJuly 2021 and January 2022
Short Name BPCC-132
Assignment Code Asst /TMA /2021-22
ProductAssignment of BAG(Psychology) 2021-2022 (IGNOU)
Submission DateFor July: 31st March & January: 30th September
PriceRS. 100

NOTE: All questions are compulsory.
PART I- Assignment – One
Answer the following descriptive category questions in about 500 words each. Each
question carries 20 marks. 2 x 20=40
1. Discuss the various features related to conformity, compliance and obedience. (20)
2. Explain the concept, types and components of group. Discuss the various group processes.
(10 +10)
Assignment Two
Answer the following short category questions in about 100 words each. Each question
carries 5 marks.
6 x 5 = 30
3. Discuss the relationship of social psychology to the other Discipline of social
sciences. (5)
4. Describe the sources of errors in social cognition. (5)
5. Discuss the concepts of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. (5)
6. Discuss the factors influencing pro- social behavior. (5)
7. Explain the meaning and the agents of acculturation. (5)
8. Describe the internal factors affecting attraction. (5)
PART II: Tutorial (1×30= 30)
Q. Prepare an interview schedule to examine the role of digital media towards the change in
attitude and behavior of school students (e.g. it may be related to the impact of digital media
on the students’ thinking/nature/efficiency/performance and so on). Collect your responses
through interview survey on the following groups:
1. Parents
2. School Teachers
On basis of the responses received, you have to write the activity in the following format:
1. You will prepare a handwritten file (of A4 sheets) with a brief introduction of the
topic (as given) and a discussion on the responses and the trends received through
interviewing the participants. You have to conclude the survey on basis of the facts
and findings.
2. You need to enclose the filled in questionnaire (raw data) also in the file.
3. On basis of the selected topic, you need to prepare atleast 10-15 questions for the
interview schedule.
4. A sample size of minimum 20 participants (10 parents whose children are attending
schools and 10 school teachers) need to be included for the survey.
5. The file/ notebook will include the following subsections:
i) Introduction (of about 200 words)
ii) Methodology (which will include the details about the sample size and the
method of data collection in about 150 words)
iii) Findings (of about 200 words)
iv) Conclusion and Suggestion (of about 150 words)

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