BEGS-183 WRITING AND STUDY SKILLS Solved Question Paper June 2023


Solved Question Paper June 2023
Course Code: BEGS-183


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BEGS-183 WRITING AND STUDY SKILLS Solved Question Paper June 2023

Course Code: BEGS-183

Title NameBEGS-183 Solved Question Paper June 2023
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearJune 2023
Course CodeBEGS-183
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

1. Write short notes on any three of the following
in around 100 words each : 5×3=15
(a) What are „homophones‟ ? Give examples to
show how their usage can create problems
for second language learners of English.
(b) What are the aspects to be kept in mind
while writing a well developed paragraph ?
(c) What is „Expository Writing‟ ? Describe the
techniques that can be used in writing
expository texts.
(d) Briefly explain the Cornell note-taking
2. Write a brief essay on any one of the following :
(a) Discuss with examples how synthesizing is
a key strategy in writing.
(b) Explain how reference skills together with
scanning and skimming skills equips a
learner with tools to find the best sources
of information.
3. Write a well-structured composition (with a
clear beginning, body and conclusion) on the
following topic : 7
“Your role as a citizen in helping to reduce
pollution levels in your town/city.”
4. Write a formal letter to the CEO of a company
in your town, applying for the post of HR
executive. 5
5. The Residents Welfare Association in your
locality has taken several initiatives for senior
citizens. Write a brief report on these
initiatives. 6
6. Read the passage given below and answer the
questions :
Wildlife conservation is the practice of
protecting plant and animal species and their
habitats. As part of the world‟s ecosystems,
wildlife provides balance and stability to
nature‟s processes. The goal of wildlife
conservation is to ensure the survival of these
species, and to educate people on living
sustainably with other species.
The human population has grown exponentially
over the past 200 years, to more than seven
billion people today, and it continues to grow
rapidly. This means natural resources are being
consumed faster than ever by the billions of
people on the planet. This growth and
development also endangers the habitats and
existence of various types of wildlife around the
National and international organizations like
the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife
Conservation Society, and the United Nations
work to support global conservation efforts on
many different fronts. They work with the
government to establish and protect public
lands, and help create legislation to protect
various species. They also promote biodiversity
to support the growing human population while
preserving existing species and habitats.
(a) What is a „topic sentence‟ ? In your opinion,
what is the „topic sentence‟ in the above
passage ? 1+1
(b) Give a suitable tittle to the passage. 1
(c) Write a summary of the above passage in
your own words (around 75 words).


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