BEGLA-137 Language through Literature Solved Question Paper December 2022


BEGLA-137 Language through Literature
Solved Question Paper December 2022

Course Code: BEGLA-137
Solved Term-End Examination December,2022


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BEGLA-137 Language through Literature Solved Question Paper December 2022

Language through Literature
Course Code: BEGLA-137


Title NameBEGLA-137 Solved Question Paper December 2022
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearDecember 2022
Course CodeBEGLA-137
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

Term-End Examination
December, 2022
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Note : Answer all questions.
1. Read the following lines and answer the
questions that follow : 5*2=10
Love is a dream
Love is a dream
It’s gone as we wake up
leaving some moments
to be cherished.
Love is like a wind
It embraces us with passion
leaving the scent of fresh flowers
tingling our mind.
Love is like a water bubble
Beautiful to see from far
Even rainbows are visible
But a tender touch will break it
leaving a refreshing sprinkle.
Love resembles a shadow
We try to escape but it follows
At times it makes us hollow
It disappears with the Sun
And leaves us in the Nights.
Questions :
(a) Give an example of personification.
(b) Give an example of a metaphor.
(c) What example of paradox do you find in the given lines ?
(d) How has repetition been employed in the quoted lines ?
(e) Suggest an appropriate title.
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : 10*1=10
(a) The girl ran ________ her father.
(b) The horse-rider fell _______ the horse.
(c) The Earth revolves _________ the Sun.
(d) Rohan was hiding _________ the trees.
(e) He put the books _________ the table.
(f) Radha took something _________ the drawer.
(g) There is someone ________ the door.
(h) The new table is made ________ wood.
(i) Ravi was part _________ the team that won the championship.
(j) I have brought you some books _________ you to examine.
3. Write short notes on any two of the following with appropriate examples : 2*10=20
(a) Types of Compounds
(b) Speech and Writing
(c) Extended Metaphor
(d) Eulogy
4. What do you understand by style in literature ? Elaborate on its salient features. 10
5. Make sentences using the following words bringing out their extended sense; you may change the form, if required : 10
language, brain, hand, budding, brush, carpet, skill, vision, smell, charm
6. What is Rhetoric ? What are its salient features ? Give suitable examples. 10
7. Fill in the blanks with correct forms of verbs : 5*2=10
(a) Ram ________ (fall) asleep when he was driving.
(b) It started to rain while we _________ (play) cricket.
(c) The school authorities __________ (meet) the parents yesterday.
(d) He _________ (start) a factory in town last year.
(e) This book _________ (write) in 1971.
8. Define any two of the following literary devices with suitable examples : 2*5=10
Synedoche, Hyperbole, Rhythm, Personification
9. Correct the following sentences : 5*2=10
(a) The dog is wagging it’s tail.
(b) How many money do you have.
(c) After dinner, we enjoyed a film in TV.
(d) I have many happy memories about my childhood.
(e) The temperature of Amritsar is hotter than Delhi.


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