BEGLA-135 ENGLISH IN DAILY LIFE Solved Question Paper June 2023


Solved Question Paper June 2023
Course Code: BEGLA-135


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BEGLA-135 ENGLISH IN DAILY LIFE Solved Question Paper June 2023

Course Code: BEGLA-135

Title NameBEGLA-135 Solved Question Paper June 2023
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
YearJune 2023
Course CodeBEGLA-135
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

1. Read the following passage and answer the
questions given below :
The Greeks created the world‟s first
democracies, now the officially preferred form
of government the world over.
Democracy meant rule by all people. The
introduction of this form of government was a
genuine revolution in human history. There
was little in the world of the Mediterranean
and Middle East C. 600 B. C., where absolute
monarchies and priestly hierarchies were the
norm to suggest that this was about to happen.
But in Greece, hereditary monarchy was dying
out or had already been replaced by
aristocracies or tyrants (meaning, in the
context of Greece, unconstitutional rulers with
broad popular support, not necessarily
dictators), while there was a separate
priesthood. Even more crucial perhaps, in the
Classical Age (C. 500-300 B. C.) Greece was
never unified into a large, centrally controlled
state. Instead, it remained divided into scores
of fiercely independent city-states. This was
partly due to geography. Lacking large river
valleys or plains, Greece is divided by
mountains into small valleys, which inherently
encouraged such individualism. But the results
made Greek civilization as it developed focused
on each city-state or „polis‟–crucially different
from all earlier civilization.
(A) Answer the following questions :
(i) Describe the form of government
created by the Greeks. 5
(ii) What was the „norm‟ in the
Mediterranean and the Middle East
C. 600 B. C. ? 5
(iii) Why was Greece never unified into a
centrally controlled state ? 5
(iv) Suggest a suitable title for the passage
and give justification for your chosen
title. 5
(B) Give the synonyms of the following words :
(i) Monarchy
(ii) Tyrant
(iii) Aristoracies
(iv) Hierarchy
(v) Crucial
(C) Write a brief paragraph on Democracy and
Greek Civilisation (Circa 600 B. C. – 300
B. C.). 5
2. Write short notes on any two of the following in
about 300-350 words each : 20
(i) Online Education
(ii) Life during the pandemic
(iii) Importance of examination
(iv) Helping the elderly
(v) “You may say I‟m a dreamer/But I‟m not
the only one.” How do you think the dream
of a better world may be realised ?
3. (A) Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of
the verbs given in the box : 5
(i) The student body of our University
……… from diverse cultural
(ii) Rahul and Rita …….. to the gym
(iii) Lots of students ………… here to study
from outside the state.
(iv) A number of girls ………… absent
(v) Ajay and I ……….. home.
come, is, go, stay, are
(B) Fill in the blanks with the correct
prepositions : 5
(i) He came …… five o‟clock.
(ii) He is standing ………… John and Rita.
(iii) They stood firm …………. their nights.
(iv) She is excited ……… her trip to Paris.
(v) She is married …….. a dentist.
(C) Fill in the blanks with correct articles : 5
(i) She was determined to join …….
(ii) Armstrong was ………… first man to
walk on moon.
(iii) The nature abhors ………. vacuum.
(iv) Her father was ……… European.
(v) We are flying over ………. Pacific
(D) Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs : 5
(i) He is a ………… skilled painter.
(ii) Very ……….. , she opened the windows.
(iii) …….., they agreed to the terms.
(iv) He tried ………… to find a job and ………
got one.
Hints : slowly, highly, hard, eventually,
4. (A) Write a dialogue between two friends
discussing on any one of the following
topics : 15
(i) Role of Media in present day world
(ii) Dangers of climate change
(B) Write seven or eight diary entries for the
day something significant happened in
your life.


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