MCS-015 Communication Skills Solved Assignment 2018-2019


Course Code : MCS-015
Course Title : Communication Skills
Assignment Number : MCA(2)/015/Assignment/2018-19
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last date of submission : 15th October, 2018 (For July, 2018 Session)
15st April, 2019 (For January, 2019 Session)

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Course Code : MCS-015
Course Title : Communication Skills
Assignment Number : MCA(2)/015/Assignment/2018-19
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last date of submission : 15th October, 2018 (For July, 2018 Session)
15st April, 2019 (For January, 2019 Session)

This assignment has ten questions. Answer all questions. Please go through the
guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format
of presentation.

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
Every market activity is an investment in time, energy and money. Few
companies would spend a large sum of money on, say, a purchase of capital
equipment without a full investigation into why it is needed, the choices
available, and the expected return on what has been spent. Yet every year the
vast majority of companies invest a large amount of money in marketing actions
without knowing what their financial worth to the company or likely return will
be. By introducing the discipline arising from market planning, a company
should be able to ensure that the costs of marketing planning show a reasonable
return and are calculated in the same way as all other business investments.
Many managers believe that the costs of marketing form an additional expense
that has to be accepted in order to sell their goods. Whilst it is true that many
companies use certain tools of marketing for this purpose, it is also true that the
most successful companies accept marketing as an essential part of the
company’s total commercial operation, for it is an essential cost in the same
way as production or finance.
Companies often avoid planning marketing procedures in detail because of the
effort needed to express their forward policy in a written form. Managers
commonly consider that their time is too valuable to spend on anything other
than urgent operational problems. In fact, the manager who spends his time on
dealing with current administrative detail is almost certain to have ignored
proper planning in the past. For, if properly prepared, the marketing plan will
contain sufficient details of the company’s policy and operational strategy for
the work to be done by an assistant. As the many alternative courses of action
are programmed, the assistant takes any action or decisions which are
appropriate. Only unusual situations need be dealt with by the manager.
The first step in preparing a marketing plan is that of producing the information
necessary for decision making. Usually, a company will have within its own
administration and control system the raw material necessary for the plan’s
foundations. In addition, there is plenty of published information which is made
available by government departments, institutions and the press.
Marketing research is yet to be fully exploited by the majority of companies. It
has so far only been used by companies that have recognized that their existing
information sources are inadequate. Because of the scale of operations that now
confronts the typical businessman, it is essential that investment decisions are
based upon relevant information, so reducing the business risk.
For a marketing-oriented activity to produce lasting results, the entire operation
has to be systematically planned. By producing basic information in written
form and establishing aims for the future, the company is creating standards
against which actual performance can be measured. Documentation of detailed
policy actions then provides the basis for controlling the company’s operation.
Future trends may be predicted through the investigation of all factors likely to
influence company results.
A good marketing plan is therefore essential to a company’s successful
development, but so is an effective marketing manager. He must be capable of
identifying the parameters for market research and interpreting the data
produced so that he can quantify the existing and potential needs of customers.
Someone with an eye for style in packaging and product promotion is also a
valuable asset. In an ideal world, the manager would possess all these abilities;
however, they may be useless if not combined with the real love of and natural
flair for the job which allow him sometimes to ignore the rational evidence and
act instinctively.
1a Why do you think market planning is not calculated in the same way as other
business investments. Discuss. (3 Marks)
1b Marketing research is still to be fully exploited by companies. Why? Discuss.
(3 Marks)
1c Who, according to the passage, is an effective marketing manager? (3 Marks)
1d Give a title to the passage. Say why you chose it. (2 Marks)
1e Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following: (5 Marks)
i Examining/studying all details (para 1)
ii Buying (para 1)
iii Necessary (para 2)
iv Important/precious (para 3)
v A special instinctive aptitude for doing something well (last para)
1f Pick one from the options given against each question: (4 Marks)
i The amount of money spent on marketing by most companies each year
a) Equals the amount spent on capital equipment.
b) Does not give a good return on the investment.
c) Is not based on an assessment of its potential value.
d) Is viewed by these companies as an important business investment.
ii Why are marketing plans not written down by many managers?
a) They don’t have time to do it.
b) They know it would be difficult to do.
c) They spend their time on more important things.
d) They don’t think it is really necessary.
iii Good marketing procedures would allow a manager
a) To take different courses of action.
b) To do less work than others.
c) To avoid unforeseen problems.
d) To give more responsibility to others.
iv How should a manager begin writing a marketing plan?
a) By doing market research outside the company.
b) By looking at information produced by other companies.
c) By analyzing procedures already used by the company.
d) By finding information from many different sources.
Question2: Write a letter introducing your company to a prospective customer.
Include in it: (10 Marks)
 The services/products your company offers.
 Suggest that you could make a presentation about your company at a
date and time convenient to your customer.
Question 3: Write a paragraph in about 150 words on any one of the following:
(10 Marks)
i Your dream job
ii Is this an age of excessive technology? Do you agree or disagree? Give
reasons for your point of view.
iii Someone you know who holds a very important job
Question 4: You are Divya/Vishwas. You have just completed your Master’s Degree
in Computer Application. You have seen an advertisement for the post of
Trainee (Technical) at Express Technologies. Write an application to the
company. Include details of your qualification and other interests.
(10 Marks)
Question 5: Given below are some answers. Write the question. The first one is given
as an example: (5 Marks)
i How many laps can you swim?
I can swim 20 laps.
ii ________________________________ (basket ball)
Not too well!
iii ________________________ (buy running shoes)
From any sports shop.
iv ________________ (use swimming pool)
From 6 am to 9 pm.
v ________________ (dive!)
No, but I can swim.
vi __________________ (play soccer)
On the school playground.
Question 6: Here is a phone conversation. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate
modals: (5 Marks)
Shreya: Hello, ………………….. I speak to Atul.
Atul: Hi! Shreya. This is Atul on the line. What ………..I do for you?
Sherya: Hi! Good to speak to you. Please give me Shweta’s telephone no.
Atul: Of course! I ……………have to get it from my mobile phone.
Shreya: No problem, I ……………hold on.
Atul: Oh, I ……………have to check it from my diary. I’ll Whatsapp it to
Question 7: The following sentences are in the passive voice. Change them into the
active voice. (5 Marks)
i They were told to complete the work on time.
ii The race was won by a student of Himalaya School.
iii A good speech is always remembered.
iv The father was depressed after hearing the news that his son had
failed the exam.
v He was told he would be invited to speak later.
Question 8: Use the phrasal verbs given in the box to complete the sentences given
below. You may use a phrasal verb more than once: (10 Marks)
i The phone’s ringing. Why don’t you ……………the receiver?
ii I’m afraid she isn’t available at the moment. Can you …………later?
iii Can you ……………their number in the directory, please?
iv I’m afraid she’s with a client, shall I …………you………to her
v Hello? Are you still there? I thought we were ……………for a
are you through call back cut off get through
hang up hold on look up pick up put through
vi Mr. Green never seems to be in his office. I’ve been trying to
…………… to him all morning.
viiCould you ……………for a moment? I’ll just find out for you.
viiiIf the secretary puts me on hold and plays me that awful electronic
music again, I’ll …………… .
ix If you get a wrong number, it’s polite to say ‘I’m sorry, I’ve dialed the
wrong number’ before you …………… .
x If an American asks ‘……………?’, she wants to know if your call is
Question 9: Every Diwali a company gives its customers gifts ranging from diaries
and calendars to silver items. The financial manager says it’s too
expensive and wants to stop the practice. The sales manager disagrees.
Write a dialogue between the two, stating each person’s point of view.
(10 Marks)
Question 10: You are the General Manager (Human Resource Development) of the
company. You want to talk about the effective ways of making good
presentations to the Sales staff. Use the following points to write the
body of your presentation. (15 Marks)
 How good presentations can benefit your company.
 How speakers should prepare before giving presentations
 The qualities of a good speaker
 How a speaker can keep the attention of the audience
 The effective use of visual aids in presentations


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