BEGLA-138 READING AND SPEAKING SKILLS Solved Question Paper December 2023

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Solved Question Paper December 2023
Course Code: BEGLA-138

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BEGLA-138 READING AND SPEAKING SKILLS Solved Question Paper December 2023

Course Code: BEGLA-138

Title NameBEGLA-138 Solved Question Paper December 2023
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
CourseCBCS / BAG
YearDecember 2023
Course CodeBEGLA-138
ProductSolved Question Paper BEGLA-138 (IGNOU)

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions which follow :
From–Article in the Hindustan Times, New Delhi/Gurugram, June 05, 2022, Page 06
Delhi has long been a city of hopes and dreams as thousands head the capital’s way every year in search of jobs and business opportunities. With the widespread development each passing year the stress on the city’s resources has multiplied too. Now, pushed almost to the brink, Delhi has no other may but to switch to a sustainable and green action plan which works on improving its highly polluted air quality, finds solution to its depleting groundwater table, reduces the increasing burden on natural resources and finds solution to its waste problem, getting the city rid of its three garbage mountains.
The ominous signs manifested in extreme weather events can’t be ignored any more. Since 2020 extreme rain and heat over several continuous months has underlined the importance of finding sustainable solution to fight the impact of climate crisis. Since August, 2020, Delhi has registered one record weather event every month. In May, 2022 Delhi registered its highest ever maximum temperature at 49.2ºC.
The rain volume is also inching up. Delhi has been receiving frequent showers throughout the year now. These spells are characterized by intense showers for a short duration. Delhi received 1512.4 mm of annual rainfall which is almost double the normal.
Waste is another challenge that needs immediate attention. According to municipal data, Delhi generates over 4 million tonnes of waste every year. More than half of it currently ends up at the already saturated three landfill sites in the city.
Landfill sites in Delhi exhausted their capacity over a decade and half ago. Besides causing air pollution, they have also contaminated ground water. Despite this, agencies have failed to implement basic solutions, such as segregation of waste at source.
Currently, 51.7% of India’s power generation comes from coal-based thermal power plants. Delhi is no different, Switching to solar energy is the sole solution towards fight against pollution. Thankfully, Delhi is seeing a steep increase in electrical vehicles.
The city belongs to its residents and any solution to implement sustainability has to be supported by the citizens by including ecofriendly ways of going about their lives.
Questions :
(a) Why do people in large numbers come to Delhi every year ? 3
(b) What are the environmental issues faced by Delhi ? 3
(c) Which sustainable plan has been suggested in the passage ? 4
(d) What harm do the mountains of waste cause and what is the basic solution towards waste management ? 4
(e) Which climate crisis is talked about in the passage ? 3
(f) How can people contribute towards improving the environment ? 3
2. Find words from the passage which convey similar meanings as given below : 10
(a) to reduce or exhaust
(b) unpleasant and worrisome
(c) steady use without much harm to the environment
(d) area or place for a specific purpose
(e) dirty and polluted
(f) pick and separate
(g) relating to heat
(h) relating to the sun
(i) release of something in the atmosphere
(j) a situation of serious problems
3. What are the different kinds of reading skills that may be taught in a language classroom ? 10
4. What is a Narrative Text ? Describe its structure. 10
5. Describe the different types of descriptive writing (texts). 10
6. Briefly define the following : 10
(i) Syllable
(ii) IPA
(iii) Digraph sounds
(iv) Diphthong sounds
7. What are the barriers which influence the process of communication ? 10
8. Describe skimming and scanning as reading strategies. 10
9. How is formal communication different from informal communication ? 10


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