BEGLA-136 English at the Workplace Solved Question Paper December 2020 (Held in FEB 2021)


BEGLA-136 English at the Workplace
Solved Question Paper December 2020

Course Code: BEGLA-136
Solved Term-End Examination December,2020


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BEGLA-136 English at the Workplace Solved Question Paper December 2020 (Held in FEB 2021)

English at the Workplace
Course Code: BEGLA-136


Title NameBEGLA-136 Solved Question Paper December 2020 (Held in FEB 2021)
Service TypeSolved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Language English
Semester1st Year
YearDecember 2022
Course CodeBEGLA-136
ProductSolved Question Paper  (IGNOU)

Term-End Examination
February, 2021

Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Note: All questions are compulsory. Answer all questions.
1. Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B. 10×1=10
Column A Column B
(i) Assertive (a) Start something
(ii) Interrogate (b) Real, able to be shown and experienced
iii) Commendation (c) A brilliant idea that occurs suddenly
(iv) Adaptability (d) Coming before
(v) Cultural competence (e) Speaking or acting in a forceful way
(vi) Prior (f) Expressing much in a few words
(vii) Initialise (g) An official award or recommendation
(viii) Brainwave (h) Ability to adjust to new situations
(ix) Concise (i) Ability to understand differences in the backgrounds of people
(x) Tangible (j) Question

2. Make sentences using the following words:
(ii) Assess
(iii) Update
(iv) Mutual
(v) Etiquette

3. (i)Rewrite the following sentences changing them from the active voice to passive voice
(a)Columbus discovered America.
(b)The police arrested him.
(c)The Committee selected a new Chairperson today.
(d) The farmer gathered the harvest.
(e) Kalidasa wrote the Sanskrit play ‘Abhijnanasakuntalam’.

(ii) Fill in the blanks as indicated 10*1=10
(a)The_______(type) letters are ready for dispatch. (Use appropriate form of ‘type’)
(b)I think a line is_______(miss) in the letter. (Use correct form of ‘miss’)
(c)After the Chairman resigned, the Deputy Chairman________(shoulder) all the responsibilities of the organisation. (Use the correct form of ‘shoulder’)
(d)Please have these letters________(dispatch). (Use correct form of ‘dispatch’)
(e)You should try to keep on_______(upgrade) your skills (Use correct form of ‘upgrade’)
(f)This portrait was painted a_______famous artist. (Use the correct preposition)
(g)The express train is due_______ 3 pm. (Use the correct preposition)
(h)I insisted _______going. (Use the correct preposition)
(i)Sri Lanka is______island. (Use the correct article)
(j)______ Ganga is worshipped as a sacred river. (Use the correct article)

4. Write short notes (around 150 words each) on the following: 2×10-20
(i) Organising a portfolio
(ii) The importance of interpersonal skills at the workplace

5. Prepare your brief CV (Curriculum Vitae) clearly mentioning your education, skills, professional experience and interests. 10

6.Write an official letter of application in response to an advertisement for the post of PR Manager in a reputed organisation. Your letter should and experience show how your skills and experience match the requirements of the job. 10

7.As the head of a marketing firm, you are candidates for the post of an interviewing fan analyst. Write down ten questions you would ask to assess the candidate’s suitability for the position. 10

8.Prepare the outline of a presentation on the topic :
“How to Develop Effective Communication Skills.”


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